Cheers to the Holidays! 18 Alcohol Gift Ideas for Christmas

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  1. Viking Drinking Horn - Embrace your inner Viking with this large drinking horn made from natural ox horn, perfect for enjoying your favorite beverages.
  2. Upside Down Beer Glass Set - Add a touch of novelty to your beer-drinking experience with these unique upside-down beer glasses.
  3. Cool Shooters Shot Glass Mold - Impress your friends with these shot glasses made of ice, perfect for serving chilled shots at parties or gatherings.
  4. Whiskey Chillers Stones Set - Keep your whiskey or scotch perfectly chilled without diluting the flavor with these stainless steel bullet-shaped ice cubes.
  5. Global Cocktail Mixer Set - Take a trip around the world with this set of 12 cocktail mixers, perfect for creating a variety of delicious drinks.
  6. Home Beer Draft System - Bring the pub experience home with this Philips PerfectDraft system, allowing you to enjoy fresh and perfectly chilled draft beer anytime.
  7. Golf Ball Pint Glass - A unique and fun gift for golf enthusiasts, this pint glass features a real golf ball embedded in the bottom.
  8. Drunk Stoned or Stupid Party Game - Get ready for a hilarious and entertaining game night with this party game that will have you laughing all night long.
  9. Frozen-Concoction Maker - Turn your home into a tropical paradise with this Margaritaville frozen-concoction maker, perfect for creating delicious frozen drinks.
  10. Wine Bottle Chiller - Keep your wine perfectly chilled with this portable stainless steel sleeve that fits most wine bottles.
  11. Shot Glass Roulette Game - Spice up your next gathering with this exciting shot glass roulette game, a perfect gift for adult game nights and parties.
  12. Professional Breathalyzer - Ensure responsible drinking with this professional-grade breathalyzer that provides accurate and reliable results for personal and professional use.
  13. Reusable Ice Luge - Take your party to the next level with this reusable ice luge that adds a fun and unique twist to your drinking experience.
  14. "The Japanese Art Of The Cocktail" Book - Delve into the world of mixology with this captivating book that explores the art of Japanese cocktails, a must-have for any cocktail enthusiast.
  15. Mozart Black Liqueur - Treat your taste buds to the rich and smooth flavors of Mozart Black Liqueur, a perfect gift for any liquor connoisseur.
  16. Portable Beer Pong Table - Bring the party wherever you go with this portable beer pong table, complete with a ball rack and pong balls for endless hours of fun.
  17. Stanley Classic Flask - Keep your favorite spirits close at hand with this timeless and durable flask from Stanley, perfect for any outdoor adventure or special occasion.
  18. Drinking Game - Get the party started with Buzzed, the summer drinking game that will have you and your friends laughing and feeling tipsy in no time.