28 Fun and Active Gift Ideas for Kids

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  1. Sno-Brick Maker Toy - A fun and creative toy that allows kids to build and sculpt snow bricks for their winter fortresses.
  2. Dinosaur Mini Trampoline for Kids - A foldable and safe trampoline featuring a dinosaur design that's perfect for indoor and outdoor play, providing a fun way for kids to stay active.
  3. Space Hopper Ball - A classic and bouncy space hopper ball that provides endless fun and exercise for kids aged 3-6, perfect for indoor and outdoor play.
  4. Easy Store Large Slide - A colorful and foldable slide that's perfect for outdoor play, providing hours of fun and excitement for kids in the backyard.
  5. Boys Digital Flames Watch - A fun and colorful digital watch that's perfect for active kids who want to keep track of time during their adventures.
  6. Kids Kettlebell Toy - A safe and durable toy kettlebell that allows kids to mimic fitness activities and stay active while having fun.
  7. Spinning Water Sprinkler - Keep the kids entertained and cool during the summer with this fun outdoor water play toy that creates a swirling and splashing water experience.
  8. Large Wooden Sandbox - A spacious and sturdy wooden sandbox that provides hours of imaginative play and creativity for kids in the comfort of their own backyard.
  9. Giraffe Ride-on Toy - An adorable and sturdy ride-on toy that helps toddlers develop balance and coordination skills while having a blast.
  10. adidas Kids Shoes - Stylish and comfortable shoes that are perfect for active kids who love to run, jump, and play all day long.
  11. Sunny Day Art Tub - A creative gift for kids who love arts and crafts. This art tub includes various supplies for imaginative play.
  12. Kids Street Hockey Stick Set - Perfect for kids who enjoy playing hockey. This set includes two youth street hockey sticks and a roller hockey ball.
  13. Doorway Chin Up and Pull Up Bar - Perfect for kids who want to improve their upper body strength. This bar is easy to install and use at home.
  14. Thomas the Tank Engine Roller Coaster - A fun and exciting gift for kids who love Thomas the Tank Engine. This roller coaster provides hours of entertainment and physical activity.
  15. Schwinn Kids Bike - A perfect gift for kids who love outdoor activities. This bike features 18-inch wheels, a BMX style, and training wheels for beginners.
  16. Laser Tag Gun Set - Ideal for kids who enjoy active play. This set includes four guns and vests for exciting laser tag battles.
  17. Weighted Hula Hoop - A fun way for kids to exercise and improve coordination. This hula hoop is weighted for a more effective workout.
  18. 4-Person Camping Tent - Great for outdoor adventures with the family. This tent is easy to set up and provides a comfortable camping experience.
  19. Gymnastics Training Bar - Ideal for kids interested in gymnastics. This training bar is expandable and helps children develop strength and coordination.
  20. Kids Pogo Stick - A great way for kids to have fun and stay active. This foam-covered pogo stick is perfect for beginners.
  21. Jr. Jump 'n Slide Bouncer - This inflatable bouncer provides endless entertainment for kids, featuring a slide and spacious jumping area.
  22. Blue Foam Pogo Jumper for Kids - A safe and fun pogo stick alternative for young children, promoting active play and exercise.
  23. Owl Hooter Turkey Call - A unique gift for kids interested in wildlife and nature, this turkey call is perfect for outdoor exploration and learning.
  24. NERF Firevision Nerfoop Set - Perfect for active play, this NERF set includes a glow-in-the-dark hoop and ball for exciting indoor or outdoor fun.
  25. 3 Gallon Aquarium - A unique and interactive gift for kids, this LED cube-shaped aquarium adds a touch of nature to any room and is easy to maintain.
  26. Spikeball Game Set - A fun and active outdoor game perfect for the whole family, including kids and adults. It's easy to set up and provides hours of entertainment.
  27. Messi Training Soccer Ball - Ideal for young soccer enthusiasts, this training ball helps improve skills and control with its adjustable tether.
  28. Yoga for Kids Poster - Encourage physical activity and mindfulness with this colorful and educational poster featuring yoga poses for children.